Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Dominique Mosley' s scarves

Who knows me is aware that my favourite colours are purple and orange, on their own, mixed together, never mind, these two colours are always present in my outfits or home. When I've spotted the beautiful scarves of Dominique Mosley I had a jolt. Among that triumph of cashmere and silk there was MY scarf. Gorgeous, with my signature colours, soft and warm. And this is just a small example of what Dominique Mosley can make. Graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martins and freelanced for various brands, Dominique finally launched her collection and now it is available in Harrods after being sold in international boutiques. Fashion designer David Longshaw is currently collaborating with Dominique Mosley for her collection adding a new twist to the whole ensemble.
Being very conscious about products made locally I can tell you that all the scarves are made and finished in UK.
Christmas is close, I will post my favourite scarf, let's call it a wish list ( hint hint hint)

Gorgeous, no other words are needed

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Max C how to look 1 million pounds

Max C, a brand based in London has been established since 2007 and from that year it has not stopped growing a group of loyal customers and being mentioned by the press. Its quality os great and its prices are even greater. Stepping in their showroom it is possible to leave loaded with bags for a full new wardrobe and have your credit card not dented at all.
The showroom is open Monday to Friday at 85 Great Portland Street in London W1W 7LT or it is possible to buy online at .
Below just a couple of examples from catwalk to everyday's life.

DKNY on the catwalk for the lace minidress

Its twin by Max C at £ 42

Marc jacobs's polka dots

Max C blouse at £ 30

Ivana Basilotta and her Eco Silk

I've met Ivana Basilotta few years ago, during London Fashion Week. Her collection was colorful and vibrant and I've learnt about the Peace Silk, known as Vegetarian Silk, where the moths emerge from their cocoons to end their cycle of life in full without being killed. Also Ivana uses recycled fabric or organic one, making a name for herself among the designers eco-sustainable. Livia Firth  always supporting these ethical designers has been at major events with outfits by Ivana Basilotta.
This young and talented designer is Italian by nationality, born and raised in Germany and now she lives in London, mixing all these backgrounds in her collections. The latest I've seen at the posh Home House Club showed a very muted palette with pale pink, sapphire blues and aquamarine blue with  a dash of black. The look reminded me of the 80's with bat wings sleeves and just that hint in a hem or a pleat.
Waiting to see her Spring/Summer 2012 Collection some pictures will give everyone a taste of this great designer that is carving her place in the popular more than ever ethical fashion.

The 80's are back with this outfit, the platform shoes are linking past to the present.

A Jump Suit "Charlie's Angels style"

Pictures by Paul Weaver

Monday, 22 August 2011

Aqua menswear

Aqua is a well known brand of womenswear and its store in Carnaby Street is a must stop for the fashion forward person that appreciates this look always new and bold. So why leave the boys out? Now it is possible to share this great look with the man in our lives because in Beak Street Aqua menswear has become a reality. The shop is amazing, minimalist look, grey and mirrors everywhere with touches of colours in a sleek couch and the palette of the first collection. And here is the novelty, the collections are called "Volumes" having now in store "Volume 1 Introducing the Future" where fashion and photography are brought together. The first volume features styling by Kimi O’Neil, photography by Thomas Knights and film by Konstantinos Menelaou. The prices are excellent given the high quality involved, with prices starting at £ 35 for a T Shirt and ending with trousers and jackets between £ 100 and £185.

Nice tailoring with lively colours

Out just after a session at the gym?

Colour coded shirts

I love those fabric tote bags, shopping with an ethical twist

This might be for the girlfriends while waiting outside the fitting rooms

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Labante Jewellery

I've seen for the first time Labante  Jewellery during a fashion show at the Montcalm Hotel. Fashion designer Lewis-Duncan Weedon was showing his collection and the beautiful jewellery  worn by the models on the runway were by this company that sources the best jewellery designers and make them produce their creation for the international market. I've met one of the two founders of this label, Vanita Bagri and really I was swept away by the great design and craftsmanship of the pieces. The jewellery is made in silver gold plated, with semi precious stones and an ethnic feel to them. Some of the neck pieces are so elaborated that they look like embroideries, they could be easily been sewn to a dress.
Here some pictures just to give you an idea of the wonderful collections. Keep an eye to their website, sometimes they organize a special sale and it is something not to be missed.

Pink and gold hammered maharani earrings by Shaheen Abbas

Green Jade and howlite necklace by Rekha Arora

Sterling silver and zircon Jaipur earrings by Shaheen Abbas

Earrings with green chalcedony by Suhani Pittie

Thursday, 18 August 2011 party launch at the Spearmint Rhino

When you hear about Zoe Griffin it is always because of her ability to give a great party with VIPs and surprises. After all I'm still talking about her Christmas party. So when I've got the invitation for the launch of her latest website I knew that it was going to be terrific. The venue: The Spearmint Rhino Club in Tottenham Court Road. The place live up to its fame, a perfect frame for this new website full of gossips, fashion tips, celebrity spotting and more. Zoe was gorgeous in a beautiful dress by Carlotta Gherzi, with chandelier vintage earrings from Linda Bee's vintage shop.
Famous faces where there in force to wish Zoe good luck and have a great time while the music was the background of dancing girls, some of them absolutely brilliant with the agility of an athlete.
I was with a small but nice group which included Stephen Mahoney, the man in London  synonymous with fashion expert, Luca Viani a brilliant DJ, fashion designer Carlotta Gherzi, the queen of vintage Linda Bee and other friends. A chocolate fountains has been my favourite stop dipping marshmallows and strawberries during the night.
Zoe is being nominated London Personality of the Year at the London Lifestyle Awards and you can vote her at her website, after entering one of her competitions and discovering the latest shop or treat.
Looking forward to read more and more of how to live like a vip.

Calum Best with Zoe wearing that gorgeous red dress by Carlotta Gherzi

Fellow bloggers Leroy Dawkins and Prince Cassius

Stephen Mahoney with Zoe Griffin

The chocolate fountain...divine !!!


Monday, 15 August 2011

London Burlesque Week and Secrets in Lace

Just imagine a glamorous and vintage evening hosted on a boat, the HMS President War Boat to be exact and add the company Secrets in Lace, the world's premier supplier of vintage inspired stockings and lingerie. Also a burlesque show with beautiful girls  and luxurious costumes and you've got an event to be remembered. I love how the women dressed up in vintage clothes and hairdos, the show was on the deck as well during cocktail time. No pictures during the show but a few while the gorgeous models at Secrets in Lace where posing for the cameras and some of the most original guests.

Very "Puttin on the Glitz"

Secrets of Lace Lingerie

The Garter's Order

Baby Doll

Glamour on the deck

Love the eyelashes, must have been PVC as well and the tattoo is a masterpiece

Full look with PVC dress and gangster style handbag

Great hat

and her companion great necklace

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Bora Aksu

Gorgeous palette for Bora Aksu. Classic black and silvery grey matched with emerald green. Sheer fabrics and feminine skirts to soften a look that in the winter is quite severe. I would be confused about what to buy, in the sense that I would not know what to take home and what to leave in the shop. A very difficult task.
Video by StyleNationShow

PPQ's show

Keep at ready your little Smythson leather note books and write down this designer as well.  Great PPQ with a collection absolutely very wearable.Grey, black, white and a dash of purple. Try the pigtails only if under 20.
Video by StyleNationShow

Aminaka Wilmont AW11/12

It is still summer but the shops are already in pole position with the new collections for the Autumn and Winter seasons. London Fashion Week is going to show the new trends for Spring and Summer 2012 but in the meantime let's write our shopping list with the looks from the last LFW season in February. Let's start with Aminaka Wilmont, a couple of shots from her show and the video of the whole runway. As you can see bronze, beige, black are the palette for this talented designer.

Caroline Faiers and her leather accessories

I love Covent Garden's Apple Market. Among stalls selling stuff for tourists it is possible to find real gems. That's happened when I've seen the stall of Caroline Faiers, a selection of beautiful leather accessories in every colour of the rainbow. Apart from leather bangles, leather hair clips or jewellery mixing metal with leather, what caught my attention has been the finest leather cuffs I've ever seen. Soft leather embellished with brooches that looked like vintage to me and probably they were. Every single article is handmade and I'm not wrong in saying that the leather is maybe recycled and having another chance of life in these great cuffs. The fact that the brooches are different make all the production a selection of one offs and the price are so affordable that it is not possible to leave the stall without buying something. Caroline can be found at Covent Garden every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Her stall really deserve a visit.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Suitcase London

I was walking in Covent Garden at the Apple Market when my attention has been drawn towards very unusual handbags, and I love handbags so my eye is quite trained for this task. I was in front of a stall and I was salivating looking at Suitcase London handbags made with recycled suits bought in charity shops in London. How more sustainable and fashionable can you get? I could recognize a detail, a sleeve or a pocket and the fabrics were undoubtedly from a pinstripe suit or from a tweed jacket. Every bag is a one off given the source of the garments and with fashion becoming more and more ethical this company is a fine example of this trend that has a strong following and that at London Fashion Week has got a representative with Estethica, the organization that sources and cares for ethical fashion.
You can find Suitcase London bags at Covent Garden on Tuesdays and on Fridays and if you miss those two days you can visit the V&A shop where you can find a fine selection of bags ready to be taken home.

From charity shop to ethical fashionista

Before in a business meeting and now....

These bags could tell more than one story

Monday, 8 August 2011

Umberto Roma a hairdresser who loves London

Wardrobe sorted, and now it's time to wear that unique dress with a hairdo to match. The best stop in Rome is Umberto Roma, so close to Castel Sant'Angelo that he might even comb the hair of the angels on the towers. Why you should go to Umberto? Well, first of all his shop is a gem, set in an old roman palace with walls thicker than the Coliseum, also Umberto has worked for the best hairdressers in London, I will name only Regis just to let you know the quality of his work. And I'm not dropping names of salons that during his stay in London wanted him to work for.
A think not to be overlooked is the fact that Umberto speaks english, thanks to his british experience, so he will understand what you want and believe me you will be satisfied. If your budget doesn't stretch to have his hands working on your tresses you can opt for one of his stylists or for "They will be famous" boys and girls that under his supervision they will give you a great look.
While waiting for your turn ask Ilaria to tend to your nails for a complete pampering like Romans do.
The address of the salon is in Via Ennio Q. Visconti 46/48 metro "Lepanto".

The washing station with those ohh so comfy chairs.

The price list to match every pocket

O.P.I. nail varnish in all the colours of the rainbow