Tuesday, 31 January 2012

MelikaM Fine Womenswear on the High Street

A new brand is becoming more and more popular on the high street. MelikaM is rapidly gaining a following of keen shoppers. The designer Melika Imoru was raised in Iran and then moved to Britain, she graduated in fashion design and she set up her brand MelikaM in 2009 after experience in retail. MelikaM collection shows the influences in her background and every piece is very feminine and made with the finest details and the luxurious fabrics. There is an everyday wear  collection and a glamorous evening dresses collection to choose from, covering from day to evening for the fashionista who is inside all of us. MelikaM is the brand to watch for. Check her website at : http://www.melikam.com/
Beautiful jacket that reminds me of a karateka's uniform

Bright Capri trousers

Hollywood Glamour

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Mini and BMW Lifestyle.

Mini is a British iconic vehicle that has been seen in many films from the "Girl with the Gun" to Mr Bean, a loyal means of transport. The latest production sports a Union Jack roof and in fantastic colours, ranging from pillar red to bright orange. A car that hasn't changed shape since 1959 and that is loved by everyone in the world. And then we've got BMW known for its luxurious cars, a symbol of wealth.  Now both brands have made a collection of items called Mini Lifestyle and BMW Lifestyle which are sold at their dealerships and on their websites. Mini  collection is playful spin with a pop art style, while BMW retains is glamour with a series of silver accessorises. Price are great and it will be the entry point of owning something bigger from BMW or Mini. Let's start with an umbrella or a hat, after that the sky is the limit.



Bag Mini Lifestyle at £ 68

Black Umbrella Pop Art Mini Lifestyle at £34

Coloured version of the Mini Lifestyle Umbrella at £ 38

BMW Silver Edition hat at £ 30

BMW Silver Edition Muff at £ 25

At the International celebrity photographer John Stoddart private view of "The Black Dahlia Avenger" at Society Club, 12 Ingestre Place, Soho.

 New year, new events for me and my style spy Stephen Mahoney. Here is what we were up to yesterday evening. The exhibition will run until the 3rd of March .
"A host of London's wise and creative came, dressed to the nines, to feast their eye's on John's tongue in cheek spin of 1940 Black Dahlia murder. A show created using Mr Stoddart archive images of A lister Catherine Zeta Jones and a host of glamours seductive women, in various positions, giving a less gruesome tale on the event.

Guest's, actress Sasha Pick played a low key card in her black streamline puffy coat, with a cream cashmere scarf and sweater, arm in arm, with her pal Stephen Mahoney, Fashion Editor, in grey cap, Missoni glasses, Drakes scarf and Ted Baker coat.

Not to there to be over looked, was Anne Pigalle fellow photographer, who donned her striking fake fur coat, with pretty cats faces printed into the pattern, bought Anna told me "at London vintage store for £5".

Next, was, never a shrinking violet, Wendy Tiger. Wendy was a former nightclub dancer, tonight she wore a fitted spandex & chiffon dress that showed her curves are still in all the right places, plus a sequinned, single buttoned knitted top, and her mate Vanessa Baldwin, wore a butter soft, black leather coat, "that I bought in North country boutique", said Vanessa.

Clocking the lady in a veil pix, was Jacqueline Roffe, the society butterfly and business woman, who'd plumed for a Ralph Lauren mans jacket, (one of her ex's) and to retain her feminine side, a dazzling shirt collar necklace, yet another gift from former boyfriend. Lucky lady.

A sartorial air was introduced when Mark Powell London tailor, came sailing through the door, in one of his daytime chalk stripe, bespoke suits, a snip at £2,500.

Keeping the eye candy count soaring, were two girlfriends Anna Carolina and Antalya. Anna sporting a tan collar and ankle boots, teamed with fab shocking pink Celine bag, thus lifting her black ensemble and her chum Antalya defused her silver heels and evening skirt, with a loose t-shirt.     

Queen of the cabaret scene Eve Ferret was on hand to sing a little naughty ditty, if the Society Club 's founder Robert Perino got up to any of his old shenanigans.

Finally, at the close of the PV, Mr John Stoddart had weathered the storm and retained his playboy demeanour, in his razor sharp, black evening suit, crisp white shirt and bow tie, that were all still intact. 
Thus allowing John to stroll out into city, with the stunningly elegant Alex Naylor for well deserved cocktail or two. As befitting a gentleman."

By Stephen Mahoney
Pictures by Stephen Mahoney & Cristina Polizzi

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Kyle Hopkins for unique pieces of jewellery

In my opinion every piece of jewellery should be different, because the reason for giving a piece of jewellery will always be different because of the place, the occasion, the person. And Kyle Hopkins knows this and every single piece he makes is a one off. The style might be similar, but then during the crafting and design and the choice of stones, this piece of jewellery will have something different from another piece of his collection. Kyle Hopkins production has got both simple lines or very ornate details. The prices are not out of this world, making possible to own a small and unique sculpture to wear. I think that Kyle Hopkins jewellery is a series of sculptures, just look at the double ring or the multiring, or even the necklace in the picture. They are small works of art and they can be bought at Bengt www.bengtfashion.com/bengt/designers/kyle-hopkins/ making everyone the proud owner of a piece of jewellery by this talented goldsmith and designer.

Hot Milk, lingerie for Mums to Be or Nursing Ones

I went to The Lingerie Collective the other day and I've been swept away by all the sophisticated lingerie in show. One company caught my eye, HotMilk, from New Zealand which displayed its collection of underwear and nightwear for pregnant women or nursing ones. Why during these months where the body changes so much a woman should not feel beautiful and sexy? HotMilk creates fantastic and sexy lingerie where the best cotton, cotton jersey and micro fibre adding luscious laces and sophisticated details. The cups are the right size for the right support, the straps have got a practical clasp making possible to breastfeed showing a lovely bra instead  of something plain and boring. Nightwear is very sensual with laces and deep colours for baby dolls, or sporty but pretty for a night of comfort. Let's talk about the prices, HotMilk is not expensive and despite its high quality the range is very affordable, matching the price tag of a Marks and Sparks bra or brief. The pictures are from the current collection, I've seen the 2012 collection and I can anticipate that it is stunning with deep red matching sets, black and purple as well as a range for everyday wear.

Check the nice detail of the heart with Swarowsky crystals sewn on the front

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Jean Pierre Braganza Spring Summer 2012 Collection

A great show for Jean Pierre Braganza who presented his new collection at London Fashion Week for the seasons Spring Summer 2012. Monochromatic with black, grey and white and the palest yellow I've seen. sheer fabrics for dresses and long skirts, matched with perfectly tailored jackets. Graphic prints and cut out dresses have captured the attention of the audience. The collection went from the pale yellow to the sand brown for a range of geometrical structured outfits ending with a bright red and ethnic  inspired prints combining browns and reds. A beautiful draped coral dress and a catsuit in the same soft fabric closed the show together with sophisticated black numbers. Jean Pierre Braganza has created a spectacular collection, very wearable, something perfect for the office, for a holiday or just for a great party.

Christopher Shannon Spring Summer 2012

Christopher Shannon has introduced his new menswear collection during London Fashion Week. The look for the Spring and Summer 2012 is playful with bold colours like oranges, striped shirts and checkered Polo's. Bermuda trousers are present for this collection dedicated to holidays and rest, without missing more classic trousers still in a very relaxed look. It could be the perfect wardrobe for a young man going to the university, maybe in a Californian campus. The palette comprises greys, blacks, navy blues and white as well as the aforementioned orange.
A man who is not afraid to dare, the Christopher Shannon 's man and I hope to see on the street some of the looks seen on the catwalk in the coming warm weather.

Key Leaf : Two New Girls In Town

Colombian - Italian sisters Adriana and Claudia Chaparro Pignalosa are the force behind their label Key Leaf. After working for names like Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton and Prada, they started their collection merging their South American and Italian roots and creating outfits that are bright and lively. The creative process starts from the beginning because the prints are original and hand designed, all of them recalling nature with leaves, flowers and insects. Key Leaf produces a line of dresses, one of cover ups, with matching swimsuits and a lingerie line, playful like the rest of its production. For Spring and Summer 2012 collection the palette is made  of bright oranges, blues, greens and yellows. Key Leaf capsule collection makes easier to organise the perfect holiday's suitcase. Either on the beach or at a luxurious cruise Key Leaf will take elegance from the morning through the whole day including the evening and the night for a stylish rest. Stockists in the UK include Heidi Klein in Notting Hill and Chelsea.
From the lingerie collection, two pieces perfect for the night

Swimsuit "Emilie"

Dress "Rome" in the signature key Leaf print

Cover Up "St Tropez", great from the beach or the swimming pool to the dining room.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Inbar Spector Spring Summer 2012

Inbar Spector 's  new collection is spectacular. Her dresses are recognisable for her style where crinolines, corsets, architectural structures are merged together with rich fabrics and ethereal ones like lace, silks, tulle, using faux  leather as well. The palette is a mix of bright and pastel colours, with gold, silver and then powder pink, green, yellow and black. I love the huge skirts, so big and so light matched with opulent brocade.The show has been held at the Freemasons Hall during London Fashion Week and the beautiful room has been the perfect frame for Inbar Spector Spring Summer Collection.

Jacob Kimmie Rhapsody Spring Summer 2012

Monochrome for Jacob Kimmie at his Spring Summer 2012 show during London Fashion Week. The collection inspired by religion and the baroque opulence has seen the models on the catwalk with feminine dresses and separates in sheer fabrics. Leather and tulle combined together for a romantic but yet forceful look. Digital prints depicting seagulls in a beautiful shade of grey. Jacob Kimmie has given to the audience a sophisticated show at the Freemasons Hall hosted by Vauxhall Fashion Scout.