Sunday, 26 February 2012

Pam Hogg Wild Life AW 2012 2013

Pam Hogg is one of those designers who always has a full house for her show during London Fashion Week. The venue at the Freemasons Hall where all the shows organised by the Vauxhall Fashion Scout was full to the brim. The door had to be closed because we were at full capacity. It is not a surprise, Pam Hogg has got a party of celeb friends always ready to be on the front row to support her. This season has been stellar with guests like Paul Simonon from The Clash, Nick Rhodes from the Duran Duran, Alexandra Burke and Kate Nash, just to name a few. And on the catwalk Jaime Winstone wearing one of her creations.
The palette comprises red and black, grey and silver, gold, bronze. Pam Hogg 's signature catsuit has been seen in all the possible options, from space style in metallic fabric and colourful inserts going to a catsuit where just the essential bits were covered by a strip of dark fabric or a tulle bow. Wide skirts reminded me of those carillon dolls similar to the ones seen in " Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"
Pam Hogg 's shows are always a surprise where daring outfits and a playful attitude are aplenty. Definitely one of my favourites.

I love this twin set with different patterns

Pam Hogg at the end of the show together with Jaime Winston dressed in red

A great evening dress

Friday, 17 February 2012

JHB/GI and the Collection Autumn Winter 2012/13 Pachinko

It is amazing what's happening at the Newburgh Quarter during London Fashion Week. As a part of the OFF schedule, fashion illustrator James Hamilton Butler and Georgie Ichikawa, former Head Designer at Alexander McQueen for PUMA, have introduced their new collection in a Private View held at 17 Newburgh Street. This is their second collaboration under the name JHB/GI and it is inspired by a Japanese computer game very popular among office workers. Western and Japanese culture is fused in this colourful and unique collection that brings to life the prints on its garments through an effect of light changing. This pop up space is almost a work of art thanks to the light installations by Architainment.
During London Fashion Week, until the 22nd of February will be possible for the public to visit the space, an exceptional event given that it will be showed the collection for next year and usually it is something reserved only for press and buyers.
The spectacular background of every piece matches the prints on the garments giving the impression that the walls are coming to life.
The fabrics are luscious, soft to the touch, merino wool and viscose and the palette is made of very bright colours like coral, blue, black, the latter especially for the menswear line which is more subtle than the women counterpart but still retaining the graphic prints and bold colours, only mixed with black and coal. The collection will be available to buy only in Autumn, but it is possible to check the current collection at Harrods at the 3939 boutique in East London, at the Old Curiosity Shop in Aldwich and online at .
Georgie Ichikawa and James Hamilton Butler

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Launch of Fashion Magazine DASH at The Execution Room 12A Vyner Street E2 9DG

The launch of bi annual fashion magazine DASH kicked off the Fashion Week that on Friday the 17th will be at the top with the start of London Fashion Week.
Noe'mie Schwaller, editor in chief of the magazine has organised with her team the party in this art gallery in East London.  Among artworks of young artists, guests arrived at the venue greeted by Petra Loibl and her assistants and they were invited to come in the gallery where copies of DASH magazine were hanging from the ceiling strung with elastic bands in a very artistic installation.

Chief Editor Noe'mie Schwaller,wearing a fantastic multicolour dress, has been doing the honours during the evening and she introduced to me her team with Harald Weiler features editor, Anouk Rehorek art direction and graphic design.

The DASH team with Greig Scott holding the N.1 issue of DASH magazine.

The magazine combines cutting edge fashion with more traditional one and using the collaboration of illustrators and emerging talents all over the world. As well as magnificent drawings and illustrations, the magazine has got a series of articles, making it not only a collector magazine but an interesting one with in depth articles, current affairs and a mild satirical point of view.
Organising the launch in an art gallery it has been a stroke of genius given that DASH has got strong links with the art world. Its first cover is by Meriç Canatan, an artist displayed at The Execution Room.
And the brain behind this art gallery where the slogan is " The Future Of Original Art" is Ryan Lanji, gallery manager. The particularity of this art site is to give space to emerging artists, who might become the new Damien Hirst or the new Tracy Emin. The price are very reasonable and the works showed are beautiful and perfect to have at home.

Ryan Lanji with Alison next to the original work by Meriç Canatan used for the front cover of the N1 issue of DASH magazine.

I must admit I was quite taken by a drawing of a fashion girl, it looked like something straight from the catwalk by Spiros Halaris. I've left while DJ Erol Sabadosh was giving his musical contribution for the night.
Artworks by Spiros Halaris.

Model For a Day with Stefanie Braun and Othello De'Souza-Hartley

Have you ever dreamt of being photographed by a famous fashion photographer or wearing a fantastic vintage dress and have your picture taken for the website?
Well you are still on time because on Thursday the 16th at the Underground Gallery in Charing Cross at the Exit n. 9 photographer Othello De'Souza-Hartley will take pictures of who will pop in dressed in a unique and individual style. Using his trademark red backdrop which has seen all of Othello's portrait since 2003, this celebrated photographer will collect pictures from  every stylish passer-by (I've witnessed Othello seeing a guy walking on the gallery and ask his friend Olga Hoffman, fellow photographer to grab him to take his picture) or who will go and visiting him. This massive collection of pictures will form a ongoing project called " Stylees". Go and have fun, the gallery will be open from 12 to 8pm
On Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th Stefanie Braun will take over the gallery with a spectacular pop up shop where there will be the opportunity to buy a selection of vintage clothing from the 1930s to the 1980s. Here as well there will be the opportunity to be a model, but wearing FrauBraun selection.
So, on the 16th show your creativity and be the stylist for yourself, on the 17th and the 18th step in a gorgeous vintage dress and who knows if you like it you can buy and take it home, and also you might see your picture in FrauBraun's website. Remember, you must be over 18.
An excellent start to London Fashion Week.

Friday, 10 February 2012

The launch of Asian Lifestyle Magazine International, Grange St Pauls Hotel, 10 Godliman St, EC4 V 5AJ.

"At 7.30, we took the lift to the Royal Suite on 7th floor, where cocktails and canapes were served, as Emily Burridge played the cello, creating a calm backdrop atmosphere, for guests to mingle with Yvette Shaw, Michi Color and I chatted with Latvian contingent, animator illustrator Ruslan Eldaron,
singer and fashion model Kristine Isajeva in her cute red dress & fitness trainer Casan Eldaron.
Play in front of the camera with brothers Ruslan and Casan Eldaron and Kristine Isajeva

9pm, we did mini fitness drive with Latvian's and took the stairs down 10 floors to -3 level to Club 10 suite.  There, Asian Lifestyle Magazine Group Chief Editor Viraj Yadav, thanked everyone for coming and informed us of the night's entertainment program of dance, fashion and music & proceed to hand the mike over, to co-owner of magazine Kash Akram, who thanked his sponsors. 
Viraj Yadav and Kash Akram

To warm up the crowd, DJ1Fritz played some soft soul anthems mixed with Asian hits, as their celebrity guest Vanessa Feltz, in a plunging, purple, fitted dress and the remaining guests took their seats.
Vanessa Feltz

First up, to entertain the crowd, was Angelo Ruggieri and Paola Langella.  They came strutting out, Angelo in a black chiffon shirt, fitted pants and a cumberband, as for Paola, she wore a red thigh high cut, blackness lace dress, with respectable nude underwear.  
Angelo Ruggieri e Paola Langella during their acrobatic tango

The pair wowed the crowd, with their acrobatic tango moves, when Angelo hurtled Paola over his head and span her around to the floor, clutching only her ankles and wrists.  
Next was a series of fashion shows.
First, was Munfrid, this collection was a rich colourful profusion of decorative Asian saris, for all occasions, to Omar Mansoor western spin on Hollywood glamour in silk jersey dresses.
Saris from the fashion show

Then a menswear line from Julian Trivedi, a grey or black evening suits with embroidered detailing on the cuffs or lapels, to day wear, a mans quilted jacket teamed with jodhpurs type pants.
Menswear from day to evening

Followed by Strand of Silks, fusion women's offer, that of simple shift dresses made modern, with either sequinned pattern, a butterfly motif, or dragon butterfly print and the finale women's range by Andrea Galer, who's corseted story underpinned her collection, in neutral colour palette.
Fashion show over, then Anita, Anu and Mandeep, the UK girl band "Serese" took to the stage and performed a medley of tunes, with a sexy gusto, that'll make any die hard Spice Girls veterans run for cover. 
Girl band Serese

And we did, to bar, for one for the road and grabbed a copy of Asian Lifestyle Magazine, to read their view points on how to deal with a cheating lover, keep fit, make money and be a better person, while driving a fast car. 
I know the mag sounds more like a entrepreneurs manual, or the definitive guide to winning the Apprentice, but, there is a definite need on the market for a new format magazine, lets hope this one has the winning formula. "

By Stephen Mahoney
Pictures by Stephen Mahoney and Cristina Polizzi

Nina Naustdal Fine Jewellery

Over the past few days, the capital  has been a nightmare, what with having to dress down, negotiate snow and ice, and then the slush, in wellington boots. YUCK.
So it was a real pleasure to get dressed up and walk the red carpet for London based, Norwegian fashion designer Nina Naustdal fine jewellery launch party, at her couture flagship store,176 Walton Street, SW3 2JL.
Nina has gained credibility with the international who's who, since the opening of her SW3 boutique, 1 year ago.
Nina Naustdal shopfront in 176 Walton Street

In early 2011, the store only housed NN spectacular couture crystal encrusted, colourful dresses, in the finest silk satin and by 2012, NN had introduced her equally gorgeous ready to wear Gold label line, in intricate printed silk fabrics, that were an alternative offer to the crystal embellishments, and the Gold has expand her customer base further and sits comfortably next to her couture.
Two of the one off pieces by Nina Naustdal, perfect for the red carpet.

Tonight, her store manager Sanaz Jebelli said, "this is yet another showcase of Ms Naustdal design capabilities, with the launch of her exquisite jewellery collection"
Ms Sanaz Jebelli wearing a stunning outfit by Nina Couture

A collection Stephen Mahoney Fashion Editor and our style spy, thought would turn any stylish cosmopolitan Royal, green with envy.
18ct gold bracelet with diamonds

With Nina's, one off gems, some of the star pieces were, a bracelet made up of 18 carats worth of diamonds, another bracelet with 98 yellow diamonds and 48 white diamonds, a pendant 20 carats diamonds on a chain with 20 carats diamonds and a to-die-for 41 carat diamond necklace, all on 18 carat gold, displayed in beautifully glass cabinets within the shop.
Fancy colour diamonds and white diamonds for this extraordinary piece of jewellery

These objet d'art items reflect Nina's flair for life, bold in their design and on closer inspection, you'd discover her jewellery has mirrored her Couture clothing, with Nina's bespoke execution.  
Diamond necklace with round, marquise, pearshape, oval, princess and octagon cut diamonds

Nina's jewellery is not for faint hearted, more for a powerful woman, who has a passion for life and is not afraid to express it.  
Cross with a snake for this gothic style pendant

DJ Dele Awosile span a backdrop of seductive tunes, as Nina Naustdal played her part, that of the dutiful host, in a resplendent ensemble, made up of a magnificent  full length chinchillas fur coat, a Nina Couture dress and her breathtaking diamond earring and necklace set. 
Nina Naustdal

Nina sidled up to each of her affluent guests, ensuring they savoured the delicious champagne (that flowed like water) & got to view Nina Naustdal new bijoux range, in what has become a shopping haven on Walton St. "

By Stephen Mahoney
Pictures by Stephen Mahoney and Cristina Polizzi

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Double Identity and the Customized Show

A mandatory stop for the next 11 days is going to be Kingly Court in Carnaby Street. Until the 11th of February the London based sneaker label Double Identity, is showing ten pairs of their sneaker customized by ten designers and illustrators. In this pop up shop in Kingly Court the ten "artworks" are displayed and it is possible to vote for one of them by scanning the code next to the sneaker with your Smartphones. In case Smartphones are not your thing, like me for example, you can go to  , "Like" the page and then clicking on "Presents" it will be possible to vote for them as well.

The voters will be put in a draw to win the sneakers, I hope to be one of them. Below you can see some of the works, but go and check them on Facebook, and don't forget to vote.

Scott Nellis and his story of Adam and Eve, one sneaker is green depicting the Garden of Eden, while the other one is purple describing a world of banishment.

Claire Duffy takes her inspiration by the God Hermes

Andy Smith and his cartoon dogs, one is happy while the other one is angry

Peter Willis tells a story of kids playing

Michelle Thompson on the left has got body builders from the 1920's in one shoe and pin ups out of a packet of playing cards. On the right Jack Hagly takes inspiration from veins, skin and bones

Pia Austin Little and her shoes covered in safety pins, giving them a punk look.

Traffic People Press Day

Traffic People, a  British label, really has got it all. Fantastic collection, great price and shops that look like you've stepped back in time. Vintage style was the theme for their Press Day at Kingly Court in Carnaby Street. The Spring Summer Collection 2012 will hit the shelves in a couple of months sporting all the looks seen on the catwalks during last edition of London Fashion Week.
Floaty romantic dresses, flowery prints or bold stripes and abstract patterns. Ethereal fabrics, delicate like fairy wings. Flat shoes or bright coloured wedge will match these outfits together with a line of costume jewellery and delicious handbags.
The guests attending the press event could have their nails and hair done by the  Powderpuff Girls, who, in a pink uniform and surrounded by bright nail varnishes and hair tools pampered and gave tips on make up.
Prosecco has been served in spectacular tea cups and saucers sourced  at vintage markets, prohibitionist style, while tasting some scrumptious cupcakes. Traffic People has been established more than 10 years ago and it is possible to buy their lovely designs all over Europe, Canada, Brazil and Japan.
I've put my eye on a couple of things myself, I just have to wait.

A floaty number with a  delightful print. With the same patterns there is a whole line to choose from

A selection of costume jewellery

Abstract print for this dress that reminds me of the Charlie's Angels

A modern Twiggy would wear something like this

Palms for a party on the beach

 Ready for a stroll a la Croisette

The lovely Powderpuff Girls with their "weapons"

A fantastic display of vintage tea cups ready to be filled with Prosecco wine

A bright pair of shoes that will take you through the whole season.