Monday, 28 January 2013

Deborah Brand Corsets at Models Link Launch

Deborah Brand introduced her collection of exquisitely designed corsets during the launch of  modelling advice studio Models Link Ltd at  Shoreditch Studio, Studio 1  37 Batemans Row EC2A 3HH.
During the afternoon  a fashion show has been organised using the professional resources of the studio in terms of hair and make up artists and the in house photographer. The Models Link is not a model agency but it has been founded by professionals who worked in the fashion industry comprising models, photographers and stylists, advising the would be models how to build a portfolio, how to pose for the camera and giving all their experience gained in more than 25 years. For more information just look at their website
The corset in the picture is part of Deborah Brand collection of magnificent corsets, all hand made with the highest quality materials. It takes 4 weeks to make a corset and being a bespoke garment, the measurements have to be exact to the millimetre in order to give the best shape to who is going to wear it. In this case, being a corset that doesn't cover the upper part of the body apart from the waist, it would be perfect over a very tight top like a belt or...for a more intimate occasion.
This black and gold number is perfect for a night on the tiles, it will glam up a pair of jeans or it will complement a leather skirt for that rock chick look. Hidden under a jacket suit during office hours, will take you from day to night just leaving the jacket at the cloakroom.
This black corset is gorgeous and it models the waist beautifully. All the corsets are numbered and they come with a certificate of authenticity. The handsome male model is wearing a t shirt with the Models Link logo.
This bridal corset is encrusted with crystals. It takes more than 100 hours to make a corset like this hence the 4 weeks waiting to have a corset made starting from the order.
Black lace for this floor length dress. The effect is fantastic, this is a great red carpet outfit, perfect with a diamond choker and nothing else. Shrewd stylists should start queueing up for this sophisticated number.
Former model Angie B, who is one of the professional advisers at Model Links is wearing a feathered corset by Deborah Brand who is greeting the guests at the end of the show.

Guitarist Alan Darby, who played with Elton John, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Sting, Mark Knopfler, just to name a few, the list doesn't stop and we are talking rock royalty here, also he has been in the band for the musical " We Will Rock You". Here he is with Angie B, coming  to the event to support his friends.
Gorgeous  model Skye is wearing a vintage wedding dress, after being on the catwalk modelling Deborah Brand Corsets.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Cath Kidston Spring Summer Collection

Every time I go to a Cath Kidston store I always leaving with a shopping bag because it is impossible not to buy one thing among the hundreds of articles on display. I think that in my flat I've got at least a Cath Kidston item in each room. The colours, the patterns and the objects are so lovely and you can see a serious research in everything that was popular 40 or 50 years ago. That vintage feeling so appreciated by everyone for items that have been probably seen at a gran or aunt's house sending everyone back to a childhood never forgotten.
Floral prints, polka dot and stripes are the favourite for next season. Little dresses and cardigans will be the bestsellers, all made with high quality fabrics and yarns. The design are straight out of the 1950s and 1960s with dresses defining the waist and a wide skirt.

This shirt with contrasting polka dots is fabulous. It is perfect for mix and matching prints and worn with denim or a denim mini skirt. It can work as well as a light jacket with a t-shirt underneath and the shirt kept opened. Great to jazz up a very serious suit.

This print is from the new line depicting sailboats and harbours. A print like this was very popular in the 50s and the 60s, I'm sure that my mother had something similar, I must check at home in the loft, it might still be there. This dress and this print just scream holiday and having an ice cream while walking on the seafront.
This dress is so versatile, with the right jacket is perfect for the office, with a denim jacket or a cotton cardigan is the right look for a relaxing day visiting relatives or for a tea with friends.
This cardigan with the strawberry embroidery will keep you warm during the chilly evenings. The dress in the background has got the same motif of strawberry printed. The blue colour will suit everyone.
Style in the bedroom as well with this rose printed pyjama. The top moment at the end of the day? Curling up on the sofa with my Cath Kidston PJ while having a cup of my favourite blend drank from a generous sized mug like the one in the picture.
Lunch boxes are not only for kids. Let's be stylish by bringing our lunch at the office with those sweet food boxes and a thermos flask where to pour your favourite hot drink. Your lunch break is going to be healthier, cheaper and very bright.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Bill Skinner Jewellery

I love a piece of jewellery that can be unusual and I love the use of semiprecious stones, especially if they are not the usual semi precious stones that we see everywhere. A piece of jewellery has to be worn with ease, without being conscious of its value. Sometimes a piece of jewellery could be not very expensive but still being the most precious object in the world. In a few words a piece of jewellery should have a soul. This is what happened when I've seen Bill Skinner collection.
My favourite gemstone is the Labradorite which is not very used in jewellery, even if recently I have been seeing some jewellery designers using this stone. I was drawn at Bill Skinner counter when I've seen this gorgeous necklace with a buffalo centrepiece which is hand carved and the string of briolette cut labradorites.
These oak and acorn earrings are a beauty adorned with  Swarovski pearls. All the items are made in Great Britain, which is refreshing given that the major part of manufacturers closed down in UK to reopen in the Far East with a consequence of job losses. Goldsmithing is one of the oldest craft in the world and we should support our craftsmen who bravely still produce jewellery in Great Britain.
This black onyx bracelet  is a piece of art with the two tigers' heads. The same model is available in dark blue agate as well.
For Valentine's Day Bill Skinner collection has got a range of items with cherubs theme. Here this sweet cherub ring is a little sculpture and cherubs adorn necklaces and earrings and bangles as well. Really spoilt for choice.
Great vintage look for this honeycomb and bee bangle. I think it is such a clever piece, one of those that will never be out of fashion. From the same line pendants and rings are available. Check the website for more designs and maybe to leave some hints around

Beyond Skin Shoes Spring Summer Collection

The Spring Summer Collection by Beyond Skin will feature great shoes with a vintage look. I've always rave about ethical brands that use recycled, natural, upcycled materials as well as supporting any charity contribution from the sale of some items in the collections. Beyond Skin ticks all the boxes.
Chloe in Coral with Houndstooth printed wedge is absolutely stunning. Available in turquoise and black as well it is one of those shoes that will see you through all the warm season. Beyond Skin uses a recycled faux suede material manufactured in Italy called DINAMICA and in UK Beyond Skin is the first label using it. Made with recycled materials this faux suede doesn't get water marks which in this country is always a risk when going out thanks to sudden showers.
The Lupo pump is one of those shoes that should be a staple for more than one reason. They are comfortable, worn at work with a pair of trousers will give peace of mind and relieved feet while being stylish and very important, for each pair of this gorgeous pumps available in coral or black, 5% of the profit will go   " The Dog's Trust Charity". The dog head logo has been designed by illustrator Cat Finnie.
The Frankie shoes is the first ever trade fair trainer made by Beyond Skin, using certified fair trade latex and a selection of its great fabrics. As well as in this model, a plimsoll version is available.
Amelia is perfect from day to night. The golden trims make it perfect for an evening out while the turquoise and coral combination will match practically everything in your wardrobe. The heels are sturdy, making it a shoe that it can be worn all day.
The Bella purse will match every Beyond Skin shoes for the Spring Summer Collection. Available in faux suede turquoise or coral, or the dogtooth coral and vintage tapestry. With the use of this DINAMICA material animal lovers and vegans will find something  trendy to wear without compromise with style and their beliefs.
While the shoes are available both online and in selected shops, the Bella purse will be available only online at