Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Happy Socks

I know it is still August and maybe we still feel that we are in the summer time but suddenly one sunny day becomes rainy and cold so before being unprepared it is better to stock up on new socks for the new season. And here comes Happy Socks, a Swedish company that in less than 5 years has become one of the most popular stockist for hundreds and hundreds of very colourful socks for men, women and kids.
I love this pattern, the Paisley is available in this gorgeous colour and in red, green and black as well. I think this is one of my favourite models and for £ 8.00 you've got a pair of socks made with high quality cotton.
These camouflage socks with stripy toe are great. They are priced £ 8.00 as many of the socks on the website. The pattern is unisex despite being on the women collection and there are green camouflage socks too. Happy Socks has got a pattern for anyone's taste.
These zebra patterned socks are so lovely. Plenty of colours available like orange and purple or black with zebra stripes in pink or white with blue, the choice is endless and these as well at £ 8.00. Scandinavians know a thing or two on how to keep their feet warm. In stock over the knee socks and very colourful tights as well for £ 14.00. Check their website for more www.happysocks.com/uk

Monday, 26 August 2013

So...? Fragrances Blogger Event

The Penthouse of One Leicester Square was bubbling with laughter, squeals of delight and music when I've arrived for the So...? Girls Night Out hosted by Bloggers Love. A late afternoon rolled into the early evening where delicious cocktails and yummy So...? branded cupcakes where on offer as well as hairstylists styling the guests and nail technicians giving  fantastic manicures and nail looks. The occasion? But the launch of the new fragrance So...?Sexy and the new range of  the So...?Dry Shampoo.
During the event I've been "sniffing" fragrances from one table to the another trying to decide which one was my favourite. So...? fragrances are so many and all with something that appeal me that it was quite difficult to make up my mind before putting my favourite one on the card for a raffle. Unluckily I did not win but at the end of the night I 've found in my goodie bag two of the other favourites fragrances I've discovered during the event.
Here the hairstylists have been creating looks using this So..?Dry Shampoo which is great. I've sat at the hairstylist chair where I had a wavy do and this Dry Shampoo has been used to give texture without leaving white powder on the hair, a thing that generally dry shampoos do and we always have to be careful to brush it all off before leaving the house. The So...? Dry Shampoo is invisible and it smells great and it helps to create hairstyles  easily.
Really this Dry Shampoo has been a discovery and now that I know where it's been sold I will use it not just for an emergency wash but for styling too. look at the fabulous cupcakes, they are from Earl of Cakes.
Some TV people came along for the event, here at the branding board Abigail Clarke and Jasmine Waido from TOWIE are being interviewed holding their favourite fragrances. And also present at the event Alisha White, star of Britain's Next Top Model, X Factor Kitty Brucknall and model Dannika Daisy.
The So...? Fragrances are sold in Boots, Superdrug and supermarkets nationwide. There are 14 fragrances from spicy to sweet, to fresh and flowery, everyone according to a theme and a mood. So..? Sexy, or So...? Enticing, or what about feeling So...? Fab? Check them all at www.sowithattitude.com

some of the pictures courtesy of So...?Fragrances

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Knomo Bag Rebranded

Knomo bags are known for their stylish shapes and very practical for storing all of our gadgets while out and about without compromising the safety for our very expensive laptops, tablets, iPads etc. Have you ever asked yourself what Knomo means? Its the union of two words: KNOwledge and MObility, so the people at Knomo knows a thing or two about how we spend our days going around trying to combine style and elegance with something that holds our things in the best way possible.
This delicious cake has got iced the new symbol for Knomo, the Fox, an animal that is smart, intelligent, independent and with that fluffy and furry tail it is sophisticated as well. So now the new logo for Knomo is a stylized fox and it is on all the bags and accessorises on the new collection.
This great bag is from the Marylebone collection. It is made with the best textured leather. This bag has got a space for a 15 inches laptop as well as space for the rest of our things. From the Marylebone collection the colours available are black, navy and this cherry pink.
The Brompton collection will appeal to any man. As well as short handles the Henderson model has got a wide shoulder strap so it is comfortable to carry. The bag can hold a 15 inches laptop and mobile phone. Navy, dark brown, tan and black are the colours available. During the years feedbacks from customers have led to tweaking in the various collections in order to give extra comfort while carrying sometimes heavy items like laptops and more.
This little beauty is from the Metropolis collection. Perfect for a night out where we will need only a mobile phone, credit card, keys and a lipstick. I love the quilted leather flap and the metal details of the buckle. With its classic black colour it is the right gift that everyone will love.
Great for travelling the Fitzrovia Collection in navy, bright pink and black. Waterproof and with all the necessary padding to protect our gadgets when on the move. The shape of the quilting has changed and now is lozenge shaped. The front pocket looks small but it has a very large space inside for keys or mobile phone, those items that always we are hunting in our bags in a hurry. Well now stored in the front pocket they won't be a problem anymore. Check online for more models and to see when they are going to be available in shops at www.knomo.com

Friday, 23 August 2013

The Spitalfields Candle Company

I love candles and my flat has got candles scattered in all the rooms. Fashion houses are producing candles using their fragrances and they just complement the atmosphere in a living space. I don't use candles only for romantic occasions or dinner with friends. When at my computer working on an article or else I like to lit up a candle and be surrounded by the lovely fragrance chosen for that moment. And here comes The Spitalfields Candle Company.
The Spitalfields Candle Company makes candles using an eco soy wax and the finest essential oils, when possible organic oils extracted from locally sourced plants and herbs. The soy wax is naturally sourced and the absence of paraffin it is just another pro fact for these beautiful candles.
The Spitalfields Candle Company produces two different sizes of their products, a small votive candle of 65 grams that burns for 12 hours and it costs £ 9.99  and the large votive candle of 200 grams that burns for 50 hours priced at £ 25.00. The candles are hand poured and everything is made in London. In the next couple of weeks will be possible to buy the candles at Heal's .
The fragrances are delicious, I wouldn't know what to buy, maybe more than one, in different fragrances to match the spaces in my flat. For example their Rosemary & Thyme candle would be perfect in the kitchen, while Lavender & Chamomile and Vetyver & Lavender in the bedroom for the calming quality of the lavender. Lemon Verbena and Grapefruit, Bergamot & Lime in the bathroom while having and indulgent bath  or in the home office to give you energy, while the dining room would be perfect with Ylang Ylang & Patchouli or the Rose Geranium candle depending if a romantic dinner is involved or a dinner with friends. And when Christmas arrives lit up Orange & Clove or  Frankincense & Juniper. Check the website for more at www.spitalfieldscandles.co.uk

Thursday, 22 August 2013

GS Shop Global Fashion Collection at the Korean Cultural Centre

I had a great afternoon filled with fashion for the GS Shop Global Fashion Collection held at the Korean Cultural Centre. A fashion show just to get everyone ready for the big kermesse in the next few weeks with London Fashion Week looming. Four brands hit the catwalk: Alette by Lee Seung Hee, Xess Homme, A By Jae by Kim Jae Hwan and Cadet_H by Han Sang Hyuk.
This great outfit is by Alette, the brand behind the designer Lee Seung Hee. The graphic cut and the monochrome palette is teamed up with beautiful teal colour suede boots. I like the bi colour coat in brown and black. The palette for this collection comprises cobalt blue, burgundy, grey, ivory, sky blue and the fabrics used like cashmere, wool, jersey and silk are of the highest quality. The collection is very wearable.
Menswear for Xess Homme, a brand that has been on the market since 1998. The look is very relaxed with slim fit cuts and a palette of navy, grey and brown. Layering is a must in this collection  with shirts over shirts and over coats. A collection for a busy man who wants to stay stylish and comfortable at the same time.
The collection A By Jae by Kim Jae Hwan has got a very tailored cut with a twist. Great fabrics like cashmere, wool and knit in bright red, blue, orange as well as black, grey and ivory. The two tones jackets and coat are very interesting, like the jumpers that hug the body giving a fantastic figure.
Cadet_H by Han Sang Hyuk is a menswear brand where it is possible to have casual and formal garments all with something new. The dinner jacket sports at the back a long silver zip, while a khaki jacket has got a long zip at the back but it is not visible unless you pay attention at the bottom of it. The overcoat like this red parka looks warm and practical with lots of pockets. Wool and cotton are used for this collection and main colours are navy, grey and khaki with the sudden splash of red or orange.

All in all it has been a fashion show where all the collection were perfect for a buyer's order, with the certainty that all the garments would have been best sellers.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Bruno Acampora Fragrances

When you are next to a Bruno Acampora Fragrances counter it is a treat for more than one of our five senses. The sense of smell is embraced by the essences of the seven perfumes that comprise the Bruno Acampora range. The workshop where the essences are created still uses traditional processes to extract, to mature and to preserve the oils that will become precious fragrances.
All the essences are handmade mixing the raw ingredients. These bottles are EDP essences which are oils diluted without loosing any of the essence principals. The bottles sport a different colour and decor for each fragrance and to prevent from loosing strength, the bottles of glass are inserted in a aluminium vial to protect them from sunlight.
I love this packaging for the oil essences. The round aluminium box contained an aluminium bottle with a cork cap in order for the oil to breath without loose any of its fragrance. Each bottle is filled by hand and sealed with wax and the packaging did not change for the last 30 years. For the lucky few there are a limited edition vial in a silver hand polished bottle with mother of pearl and coral insets. The "Vintage" line are gold bottles and only few magnum with a capacity of 1000 ml have been produced and they have to be ordered to buy them let's say that they are the Birkins of the perfumes.
Bruno Acampora Fragrances expanded its products to body creams, so luxurious and decadent that you will feel like in heaven. Made with vegetable oils like coconut, avocado, jojoba and vitamin E, they match the fragrances for a total immersion in the Bruno Acampora lifestyle. And if you want to have the house fragranced as well  the new  line of Bruno Acampora  candles, made from the finest vegetable waxes and essential oils will be perfect. Only class and style from a man who has a portrait made by Andy Warhol.
For information where to find these delectable fragrances go to www.brunoacampora.com the website is English as well. In UK there are some stockists maybe high end department stores and boutique perfume shops.

Eastpak New Collection

Eastpak is a very cool urban lifestyle brand. Its fantastic collections of rucksack, messenger bags and accessorises are always trendy and at the same time practical. Canvases, leathers, bright prints and classic colours are the strength of the brand that since 1978 has brought to the consumer a high quality way of travelling in style and at the same time being perfect for a more casual look.
This beauty is the Nickler from the Authentic Cottown collection, in charcoal. It's great to store a laptop or tablet as well as all the other things that we women can't do without. The external pockets are a fantastic touch where keys, travel card and a mobile phone can be stored so that it is easier to grab what we need in a jiffy.
This print is fabulous and this trolley will be the envy on any luggage hall around the world. The Tranverz trolley is part of the Authentic Muzzy Meadow collection and this is the Cherry Blossom print. As well as luggage items there are bags and accessorises with the same print so it is easy to coordinate the travel set. Other prints available are the Purple Blush and the White Breeze.
The Squiffer  bag from the Authentic Digin collection is depicted in a chocolate colour. A great bag perfect for men but I would not see a girl out of place carrying one of this. Available in black and khaki as well the Authentic Digin collection  retain that heritage look that made the brand more than 35 years ago.
From the Authentic Leather collection this Folder in russet colour is my favourite. Yes it is for a tablet or iPad but I would use it as a clutch bag or to carry all my fashion shows invitation during London Fashion Week. Much more classy than rummaging in a flimsy  canvas bag flicking through paper envelopes and e-tickets. The leather used for this collection is the finest on the market and the colours available are black and brown as well. Two beautiful models of bags have been made under this collection, perfect for a week end away.
From the Authentic Digin collection the Welder holdall with leather details is the staple bag that should be in everyone's house. It is that kind of bags perfect to use for a short trip, for the gym and for a day's work for a creative professional about town. Check what is new and where to find it at www.eastpak.com 

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Peter Twiss Autumn Winter 2014

The way Peter Twiss works the silk of his garments is amazing. When I've seen his collection I couldn't stop touching the fabrics of his dresses, soft and different from how everyone thinks when a silk dress is involved.
As well as being beautiful, Peter Twiss's collection is ethical as well, something that I always support.
This great jacket is made of silk and it is available in  five colours. The method in which the silk has been treated made it more a kind of fur than a normal silk fabric. All the pieces are made in Peter Twiss homeland in Nagaland where a team  of locals work around the production and in this way there is an education for future generations in manufacturing jobs.

This is the Bellabella dress, beautiful in silk duchess with woollen embroidered boucle mix. This is by far my favourite dress because the colour is absolutely fantastic and the sheer sleeves with the boucle inserts are just that great touch for a spectacular outfit.

This is the Bellabella shirt dress, sheer silk georgette and the woollen embroidered boucle mix collar. Perfect with dark and thick tights or if not feeling very brave with a pair of leggings. This collection has been inspired by the damage occurred in the Canada forest caused by the oil. The colours are inspired by those left after the destruction in the woods, the palette in fact sports ash, sand, black.
The Kutchin Jacket and Stretch Skirt are 100% made in silk fur. The fabric is so new and gorgeous and the outfit is great. This is one of those staple clothes that stay forever in the wardrobe and it is worn with everything everywhere. Accessorising it in different styles and the look is always fresh . Next project for Peter Twiss apart from giving us beautiful garments, is the developing of a new training centre to teach basic sewing skills, tailoring and dressmaking to the local people. www.petertwiss.com