Sunday, 24 November 2013

Julian Hakes Mojito Sandals

Julian Hakes is an architect who took inspiration from a twist of lime peel in a Mojito cocktail and the "Hakes Mojito" sandal was born. Carrie in SATC would have gone crazy for them if these sandals would have been created at the time of the successful TV series. The shoes are light, bursting with colour and despite their funny shape, they are very comfortable, because the curves of the sandals follow the curves of the feet.
They are absolutely gorgeous, I can't find any other word to describe them. The choice of colours is not for the faint hearted ones with fluo hues and contrast matches. These shoes have been seen during London Fashion Week at the Ada Zanditon show and Ann Sofie Back.
These pair of silver and orange sandals are my favourite because I love orange. Actually I think that a pair of Hakes Mojito in purple and orange would be only the most beautiful pair ever, maybe because I love these two colours and I wear them at any occasion.
This model is with a matt finish in two fantastic and contrasting colours: lime and fuchsia. With a pair of shoes like this you don't have even the problem where to store them. You just leave them out on a shelf like a sculpture. They are really a small work of art and I think that they should be displayed at the V&A in the fashion section.
For the release of the film "Thor: The Dark World" , Julian Hakes has manufactured a pair of shoes inspired by Thor as if it was made in Asgard. Julian Hakes hand carved his Mojito Sandal imagining Thor carving the shoes from a block of solid titanium or rock. For this pair of shoes it has been chosen a very dark combination of colours like dark grey and red. It reminds me of a block of molten lava. Check Julian Hakes website to see his many models of the Hakes Mojito and where to buy them from.

East Club Pop Up Shop for Men

East Club is a great brand of menswear. The choice of styles on sale can satisfy any man, even the most difficult one. Born as a online shop, it recently opened a pop up shop at 308 King's Road London SW3 5UH and I would recommend a visit to both men and women. Men can find something different, or classic but with a twist, little details in shirts and jackets. Women can find some nice gifts for the coming Christmas.
Nice outfit where everything is made either in UK, or in Italy or Europe anyway. Don't be fouled by the classic look, maybe the lining of the jacket or the cuffs of the shirt hide some funky details. The jacket is made of  Italian cashmere and wool, the white shirt has got indeed a blue velvet inner collar band and blue checked single cuffs, the tie is made of silk knitted and the twill mustard chinos are 100% cotton.
Great selection of bow ties and ties in bright colours and some a bit muted. The bow ties are knitted 100% cotton while the ties are either knitted silk or made from silk. Small gift ideas with a touch of originality.

At East Club everything is catered for a stylish man, from basics, to swimwear to casual wear up to accessorises like scarves and pocket squares. The red cotton shirt has got contrasting floral details in the inner front placket and single cuffs. The pocket square are made in England in silk or cotton and the scarves are made of Italian virgin wool  or merino wool.
A rainbow of colours with these beautiful scarves in soft wools, like merinos or cashmere. They are so gorgeous that I wouldn't be surprised to see a woman wearing one of them. The East Club shop is lovely, bright and colourful, a great place to indulge in shopping.
Jumpers and casual wear is very much present at East Club. This red cotton jumper is fantastic with two front pockets and a polo neck with a button. A collection of cardigans and sweatshirts, as well as trousers for all the occasions and suits can be found in store or online, all made with the highest quality fabrics in the European Union. Check East Club website and pay a visit to  the pop up shop.

Missoma Jewellery

I've loved Missoma Jewellery at first sight. They are delicate, they are fun and they are made using 18ct gold or sterling silver and semi precious stones. This award winning company is formed by mother Michele and her two daughters Sophie and Marisa, from their names we've got Missoma. The pieces of jewellery are stunning and full of details.
These bracelets from the "Trinkets" collection are all made in 18ct yellow gold, rose gold or sterling silver. The faceted beads are all semi precious stones from amethyst, rainbow moonstones, smokey quartz, lapislazuli and many more. The trinkets depict  keys or skulls or lucky horseshoe and more and the pendants at the end of the bracelet matches the beads or sometime are different gemstones in a rub over setting.
My favourite gemstone is Labradorite, which in the past wasn't so popular. Now I can see that many designers are using this beautiful stones in their jewellery. Missoma is one of them, they 've got in stock several pieces with this green/gold stone. Here there is a selection made using grey and white mother of pearl. The cuff is is gorgeous.
What a great selection of turquoise and lapislazuli jewels. A visit to their website or their stockists is in order because Missoma has got something like 12 collection to browse. After that a wish list can be left around for anyone in the house with no idea of what to buy for Christmas, S. Valentine or a birthday. Any occasion will be great to receive a Missoma jewel. The best shops in UK stock them and the whole list is on the website.
from the "Little Treasures" collection, these sweet bracelets are the perfect gift for somebody who had a baby. This is not actually a baby bracelet but it has been thought for the mother.Gemstones used  are rainbow moonstone, labradorite and aqua chalcedony.

From the "New Bisous" collection we've got these pieces of jewellery inspired by the 1970s link chains. Bisous means kisses and the parted lips shape  is a recurrent theme for earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets. The stones used are white topaz and black spinel. Check more models and start shopping at

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer Picks

It is quite out of contest to write about Spring Summer fashion while outside is freezing cold, but for Louis Vuitton I have to do an exception because if anything on this page goes in your wish list it will take a lot of saving before we can't afford it to buy. In this way, even if the prices are not out yet, we can choose what we like( yes I put myself in the group) and save like an industrious ant, so when these beauties hit the shops we can go and have our Louis Vuitton fix for 2014.
The classic Louis Vuitton bucket with the logo pattern. This style will be always on trend.  The fluo trimmings in leather are new and eye popping. This colour gives a fresh look to a statement bag.
Beautiful selection of sorbet coloured tote bags. Perfect for storing everything needed in our busy lives. They might even be the reason for your flight upgrade.
The summer and the best holiday spots will see quite a few Louis Vuitton fans sporting these fabulous denim sandals and this gorgeous epi leather tote bag. The sandals look very comfortable and the bags is great for when flying but even to glam up a day at the office.
These clutch bags match the sorbet coloured tote bags but they are made in epi leather with a big logo clasp. Perfect when out in the evening, these lovely bags have a chain strap, or inside the tote bag to keep all together money, phone and keys. Just a sneaky peek for Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2014 collection.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

New Look for a Sparkling Christmas

Are you counting the day to Christmas ? New Look is the one stop only to sort out the gift list and the outfits for the many Christmas parties all over town. Prices are always great and the "taken from the catwalk" looks will ensure that you will be ready for the festive season with no stress at all.
This leopard print jacket will be perfect over any outfit you will wear, glamming up a pair of jeans and top or be the right match for a sparkling dress, feeling like a Hollywood star. This jacket will see you through the winter season and at £ 44.99 it is a great staple because animal prints will never be out of fashion.
I love these pumps in several colours and embellished with buckles and crystals. They give that certain spark to anything and if you are having guests at home or you are spending the holidays at your parents or in-laws you will be smart and comfortable.
Chandelier earrings, a lovely gift for a friend or relative, or why not, buying them for yourself. Just wearing them will light up your outfit and you will feel festive and ready to party. With the purple crystals matching all the nuances seen for this season, these earrings will be on your ears for a long time.
A range of gift ideas with this beautiful cat looking at you will be one of the bestsellers for this festive season. The price is very reasonable, the collection has got make up bags, phone covers, e-reader cases and more so if it is a stocking filler you are looking for these are the right items for you.
This sequined top is fabulous, look in store for a pair of black trousers or distressed jeans or a mini skirt in order to style yourself for the party of the year. At £ 19.99 there is not another minute to wait. This top is another of those wardrobe staples.
Keeping our feet warm is one of those tips in order to avoid a nasty cold. These pair of slippers with a faux fur lining and sweet bow will be a gift for anyone and it will be a gift very well received. They come in red as well and packed in a knitted bag, so great for travelling as well. A real bargain at £ 9.99. New Look has got a huge range of items and clothing, check the website at

Monday, 4 November 2013

E.Marinella a Gem in Mayfair

I must admit, when I've been to the shop E.Marinella at 54 Maddox Street London W1S 1AY I've felt a twinge of envy, because the shop caters mostly for men. Established nearly 100 years ago, next years it will be the 100th anniversary, E.Marinella has been the shop where all the men in Naples went to buy their essentials like shirts, ties, cuff links, opened in one of the smartest piazza in the city. The shop in London hasn't been opened for long, just few years but the brand has been known to many British customers who were flying to Naples for the day just to stock up on E.Marinella products.
The shop is tiny, maybe to reflect the size of the original shop in Naples and it is a treasure chest of the best ties in the world which are all one off pieces. Every square of silk is folded seven times to give consistence and they are all hand made. A machine couldn't do such a refined job. Attention to details is everything and owning a tie by E.Marinella is a status renowned around the world.
When the shop opened in 1914 in Naples it was a small corner of England because the whole style of the shop reflected the look of an English shop. At the shop in Maddox Street as well as ties which are the main "attraction" , a selection of items are sold and I believe that during this period it would be quite a good fit to go and shop there because there are quite a few gift ideas for someone who appreciates quality and the prices are not bad either.
These cuff links are gorgeous and they are made using the silk of the ties. If somebody is lucky enough to find the tie, which we don't have to forget is a one off, and it can be matched with a pair of cuff links I think it would look great and the receiver of the gift would be immensely pleased. If I have to add something, I think that these cuff links would look great on a woman'  shirt as well.
E.Marinella has got something for the ladies as well like these gorgeous handbags. Naples is famous for its leather craftsmanship and these are just an example in models and colours of what can be found at E.Marinella shop. The leather is soft and available in many colours.
These scarves have got beautiful colours and prints, the wool is so soft at the touch and so light without losing the warmth factor. During Christmas time in Naples the shop sells 1000 ties a day with queues as long as you can imagine. The owner steps outside of the shop offering espresso and a "sfogliatella" a typical pastry from Naples, in order to make the wait pleasant.
I love these wallets, the colours are bright and colourful as well as some in a more classic shade. Going to E.Marinella shop is a visit that shouldn't be missed for the many items sold. Many V.I.P. own something by E.Marinella from heads of countries, noble families around the world, intellectuals and in the circle of finance and politics. Despite been offered to sell the brand to big groups, the family has always refused in order to keep a small piece of Neapolitan history where generations of Marinella family has always worked giving a high quality product. Check the website at  its story is fascinating.

Restaurant Ballaro'

After all the press days I went to and evening events I can't miss, a compulsory stop has been at the only  gourmet Sicilian restaurant Ballaro'  at 154 Haverstock Hill NW3 2AY in Belsize Park. I love the interior decor, bright and light with pistachio green upholstery, after all pistachio is one of Sicily produce and a star in many of Sicilian recipes. Opened by former head chef at Novikov Carmelo Carnevale, this little gem has got a fantastic menu that changes almost weekly and depending on what it is in season.
This picture has been taken during the opening of the restaurant. I love the collage of pictures on the wall, all taken at the famous Palermo's market Ballaro' (hence the name) and with the caricature made by Spitting Image artist Mark Reeve of Carmelo and his associate Massimo Pascale. The food is delicious, all Sicilian traditional recipes with a twist. I loved the red wine marinated boiled eggs with pecorino cheese, almonds and bitter chocolate from Modica. And the orange salad with king prawns and rings of red onions, just the right side of spicy to counteract the sweetness of the orange segments.
Well I would carry on describing everything I've tasted but it is impossible. You have to go and see for yourself. Check the website to discover the magic of Sicily and to book a table. Set menu lunch has got so much to offer, you will be amazed. 

(photo courtesy of Sara Spina)

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Rae Feather Luxury Womenswear

Rae Feather has launched her website less than a month ago and her clothes displayed there are just something that it must be owned for its beauty and high quality of the fabrics used in the production process.
Wool, cashmere, crisp cotton, fluid jersey are chosen with care and the garments created are what you called a staple in any woman's wardrobe. The clothing are light and warm at the same time, perfect for layering.
I love this outfit, the boyfriend cardigan in pure cashmere, the palazzo trousers in jersey and the long sleeve striped top in wool and viscose. The colours available are quite neutral with whites, greys and blacks, leaving the accessories to play with colours. For example Rae Feather has got beautiful coloured cashmere scarves.
The shirts at Rae Feather are full of nice details like this shirt in fine cotton voile in pale blue with  white cuffs and no collar. The buttons are in mother of pearl. The trousers are in jersey and as well as navy they are available in black. From a collaboration with "The Jacksons" Rae Feather has got a selection of shoes like wedges, pumps and Chelsea boots.
Another outfit that only looking at, it will warm you. Great boyfriend fit cashmere sweater paired with a pair of jersey trousers and the cashmere scarf I've been lusting since the first time I've seen it at the launch of the website. The colours are fantastic with combinations of purple or lilac, or cornflower or navy or oatmeal. Never touched anything so soft before.
This soft suede unlined cardigan is a dream. Perfect for those chilly evenings or worn as a dust coat indoor, maybe in a theatre, that with the air con always at full blast would be a solution to painful stiff necks. Available in black, cappuccino and tan, it will match virtually any outfit owned. Here it is paired with a cotton poplin shirt with no collar and double buttons cuffs and a pair of jersey trousers.
Beautiful button back boyfriend fit sweater, I find it so sexy maybe with the top or the lower button undone. Available in blue, black and dark grey in 100% cashmere, this garment is going to stay forever in our wardrobe and it will always be on trend. Prices are not high either, starting from £ 45.00. Check the website and start adding a Rae Feather garment to your outfits.

Brow Perfect by Lash Perfect

Lash Bar at 35 Marshall Street London W1F 7EX in the Carnaby Street area is the right place  to have anything done to your eyelashes from eye lash extension, make up, a range of delightful fake eyelashes and more. The latest treatment is the " Brow Perfect". In my opinion it is one of the best invention in the cosmetic industry and it is not only something you might want out of vanity. How does it work?
If your eye brows are made of fine hairs or maybe the eye brows are not there anymore for some kind of chemical treatment, at Lash Bar the "Brow Perfect" will give a natural look, applying individual brow extension to existing fine hairs or directly onto skin, using and especially created adhesive that doesn't irritates the skin.This picture shows the "before" treatment.
With tweezers every single hair is attached in order to fill gaps or to create a full eye brow. Depending on how much work is involved the price starts from £ 25.00 for 15 minutes application. Just think of the usefulness of this treatment, a pair of full eye brows can give a lift to the face better than any other chemical treatments and for who went under chemo therapy it would be a moral lift as well while the real eye brows grow again.
This is after the application of  "Brow Perfect" and it has got a natural look. Various colours are available to match everyone hair. The application lasts between 7 to 14 days and it can be topped up like the eye lashes extension. Lash Perfect is a brand leader in this field so the quality is excellent. The lovely shop in Marshall Street is housed over three floors giving privacy to its clients in four treatment areas. Check its website to know about all the treatments in offer and to book your appointment.

Tresor Paris associated with the Ice Rink Canary Wharf

Halloween night, the perfect date to launch the Ice Rink Canary Wharf in style, in association with Tresor Paris known for its beautiful collections of sparkling jewellery. The evening wasn't cold and no rain in sight, so the guests, arrived at the venue could enjoy an event watching a ice show while sipping mulled wine and champagne. The venue will be open until the 16th of February so prepare yourself for some Christmas party or S.Valentine's date in here.
To celebrate Halloween, a ghoulish ice show has entertained the guests with appropriately themed songs like "Ghostbusters" or "Thriller" while the skilled skaters have been gliding elegantly on ice with pirouettes and bold jumps.
In this occasion a Tresor Paris pop up shop has been opened and it will be there through all the festive period until the 16th of February. This means that in this little shop you will find all the  Tresor Paris bestsellers and more, giving you the option to shop for Christmas and up to S. Valentine's day. The choice is endless and with items starting at about £ 10.00 really you can do all your Christmas shopping in here and be sure that the receivers will be happy.
Tresor Paris is always involved with worthy charities and for this season they've designed a pair of ice skates completely encrusted with white and black crystals. An auction will be held and the generous winner will have this pair of one off skates and the certainty to help Children in Need.
Do you want another excuse to go to Canary Wharf and have a great time on the Ice Rink ? Book tickets for the 12th of November. Tresor Paris will host a Guinness World Record attempt at the BBC Children in Need with the Longest Conga on Ice with all the proceeds going to Children in Need.Click on this link to start and be part of this challenge
And what about who is not good at ice skating? No problems. you see those white bears? They are the zimmer frames for who's not able to ice skate, very thoughtful and safe as well. The ice rink is in Canada Square Park nearest public transport Canary Wharf station. Check the website for all the information needed at and to plan a shopping list at the Tresor Paris pop up shop go to

(photos courtesy of Tresor Paris)