Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Debenhams Summer at the New Beauty Hall

I love when I can go in only one place and browse various beauty brands without being pushed around by customers buying a sandwich in their lunch break or while purchasing some off the counter remedies. Debenhams  has always had a great Beauty Hall but the new one which is a 20,000 square foot space is just the best that London can offer.
New brands are displayed in this huge space, there are nail bars, tanning booths, waxing salons and brow bars. A space where it is possible to relax choosing the best brands in the world. For example Dior will have its flagship space which it will be among the only 5 UK spaces planned for the French label.
Burt's Bees is a great brand and Debenhams Beauty Hall has got the whole range including the products for children as well as its line of coloured lip balms. Burt's Bees products are organic and they don't use any "nasties" in the ingredients so these are products that are perfect for the whole family.
TooFaced is a new brand which is displayed in the Niche Brands Area where new and exciting brands are stocked. TooFaced has got a lovely packaging  very vintage style with great colours. The Niche Brands Area will have all those brands that you've coveted from foreign magazines or from a holiday abroad. Now they are all under one roof.
Vita Liberata, despite its Italian name is from Ireland and it is the most luxurious organic and no toxic self tan products around. At Debenhams Beauty Hall, the whole range is available so you can choose among rapid tan products, gradual tan, skincare and exfoliating products which are a must before applying these products in order to have a flawless application.
The Nails Inc Nail Bar is still at the Debenhams Beauty Hall and their latest products are to die for. I've tried the Gel Effect Polish and it lasted almost for 10 days. The choice of colours is huge and the ladies at the Nail Bar are quick and accurate. Remember to have with you your Debenhams Beauty Card or if you don't have it, pick one up at the store and register either online or at the shop. Collect points to redeem for purchases, claim free samples and free makeovers. There are lot of special free treats for the cardholders. Check online at www.debenhams.com

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Fashion ComPassion website launched

Fashion ComPassion is a website of ethical accessorises that sells unique pieces from designers all around the world who are committed to sustainability while producing hand made luxury bags and other items who women artisans from about 20 communities around the world produce with the highest quality materials.
Ayesha Mustafa, is the founder of this website and during the launch party held at the beginning of April has gathered her team, who are with her in this picture and inviting guests for a glass of champagne while browsing the pop up shop for a shopping spree with a soul.
These bags are absolutely beautiful and the designers are all exclusive for the UK market and they have been sourced for their fair trade credentials and luxury materials used. So buying from Fashion ComPassion is a way to help communities around the world  helping artisans to be paid a fair price for their work.
The Buy My Wardrobe space in Seymour Place was packed  as you can see and many guests left with shopping bags, clutching their new finds as well as a goodie bag with info inside about Fashion ComPassion and a little box of Lavolio Sweets, one of the most delicious and luxury confectionery around www.lavolio.com
Another selection of bags that you can find on the Fashion ComPassion website. It is possible to have a bespoke service as well so nobody else will have the same bag you've got, it takes between 2 to 5 weeks to have something especially made. Also on the website for each product there is the story behind it which I think it's brilliant. So, don't wait anymore and go online at www.fashioncompassion.co.uk for some guilt free shopping.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Oasis Spring Summer

Oasis  is a great high street brand ready to bring  all the catwalk looks with a reasonable price tag. For this season clashing prints and monochrome are some of the key trends seen at the Press Day. I've picked some items among the many displayed, some of them are not currently in store so visit often in order to be among the first to buy something seen on this post.
The dress has got a very 1960s vibe like the coat. It could be perfect on Doris Day. The dress is available online at £ 70.00 maybe the coat will be in store later because we've just coming out from the chilly winter  and the coat is so summery. Lovely ensemble.
Keep an eye for this pair of sandals. They are gorgeous, the yellow add a twist to the monochrome theme, the chunky heels make a very comfortable shoe even if the heels are quite high. They are great with a pair of trousers from classic to denim, a dress or skirt, in a few words these sandals will be a staple in your summer wardrobe.
Great monochrome dress, here it has been styled with nude accessories but it will look great with bright ones as well. No flat shoes though. Look for this dress in the next few weeks at Oasis, it will sort out endless looks and the answer to the usual question " What am I going to wear?". You will start digging out from your wardrobe long forgotten bags and shoes in order to create a great outfit every time.
A lovely selection of bags in all the colours of the rainbow. Priced between £ 25.00 and £ 40.00 max these beauties have a cross body shoulder strap, very practical. The strap can be removed to transform them in small lady like bags for the evening.
A fantastic splash of colours with these two bracelets that will brighten up even the most dark outfit. Wear them together or separately. Perfect for when out dancing salsa, you need a bit of a clicking sound to give you the rhythm. Check for more looks,  to discover when new items will be hitting the shelves and where is the shop closer to you at www.oasis-stores.com

Dr Martens Spring Summer Collection

You've read correctly, Dr Martens are the shoes for Spring Summer, after all we are in UK and the weather is not that hot. But also, think of all those music festivals, if you don't wear a pair of Dr Martens you are going to be very uncomfortable and wet.
The Irene brogues are just gorgeous. The Byzantium silk together with the silver leather is a fantastic combination. The Surya boots has got the same Byzantium silk with gold leather. For both shoes the leather is an Italian nappa, very soft and comfortable.
The satchels matching the brogues are from the Bosch collection, we've got Hell and Heaven and on top the 1461 men shoes with the Bosch Heaven print. For this particular model of the 1461, the sizes are for women as well.
Polka dots for the Core Print Collection. The shoes are the Meris while the boots are the Chay. The boots are available in red and black as well and there are some kid's options which are very sweet.
These Union Jack boots are from the kids selection, the higher is the Delaney while the lower is the Brooklee. The floral print at the back and the white boots still for kids are just lovely and perfect for the rock chick in the making.

And let's finish with these other polka dots kids boots from the crib to the school yard. The Brooklee boots  in blue and red are magnificent like the others models "shrunk" from the adult collection. loose yourself in the website to check where your nearest store is or to shop online at www.drmartens.com

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

Since its opening in February, "Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium has been inundated with bookings because the novelty of a place where while sipping a cup of tea and nibbling on a muffin, it is possible to play with 11 lovely cats. Not many people can keep a cat in their own flat due to regulations from landlords or because they are never at home. But it has scientifically proved that stroking a cat release good feelings in our bodies.
Located at 152-154 Bethnal Green Road London E2 6DG, this place has been opened through crowd funding and they are booked until July. The cats are looked after in a brilliant manner. There slots of 2 hours for each person and no more than 30 people are allowed in at each slot, in order to keep the cats relaxed.
This is Romeo, the best of the Colosseo (sorry for keeping the Italian name of the Colosseum but the rhyme was important). At Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium they are the bosses of the situation. If they are sleeping we can't disturb them, they won't give you any attention anyway, cats are very independent as well as very caring creatures.
The place, set on two floors is full of cats' toys, it is open between 11 and 15 and then between 16.15 to 23. They keep it close for about 45 minutes in order to clean and the cats can rest occupying chairs otherwise taken by the customers (not that you would remove a cat while is sleeping on your booked chair). It is not possible to have cooked meals at the Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium, but a selection of cakes, muffins and other delicious salads is available as well as teas, coffees and soft drinks.
Isn't it gorgeous? Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium is solidly booked until July, but a girl working there told me that sometime people are booking and then they don't show up and they don't call to let them know, so if you are in the Brick Lane area and you fancy a visit there, you might try your luck and who knows you might be spending a couple of hours with those lovely cats.
This is Petra, I think the Queen of the place. The day I've visited she was acting as a primadonna ignoring all the attention given by the customers who were trying to take a picture of her while she was pointedly avoiding eye contact and licking her fluffy paws. For the hygienist, Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium had 5 stars from the Food Standard Agency that rates the cleanliness of a food environment. Go online at www.ladydinahs.com to book a slot and spend some time in a furry company.

Mondelliani Glasses

Mondelliani is the brand behind the Mondello family who has been making glasses for the last 40 years. The current collection is inspired by the Eolie Islands, Sicily's gems, beautiful and full of colours, the same colours seen in the Mondelliani glasses collection.
Striking sunglasses surrounded by the most delicious chocolate in town at Said Chocolatier at 41 Broadwick Street in Soho, W1F 9QL. While tasting the yummy dark chocolate I've tried all the frames. Loving colours I could not resist and I've spent most of the time switching from one frame to another. These orange ones are beautiful.
These turquoise frames are just matching the colour of the Sicilian sea. The frames are inspired by the 1960s and 1970s styles and each line has got the name of one of the Eolie Islands : Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Alicudi, Filicudi and Panarea. If I am not mistaken Giorgio Armani and Stefano Dolce have a house in the Eolie Islands.
Great tortoiseshell frames which are present in more than one lines from the Mondelliani collection. Where are they sold? Well for now in London Wolf & Badger in Notting Hill has got the range and they are looking for more stockists. www.wolfandbadger.com I am sure they won't have a hard time in finding them because the collection is stunning and with the experience matured in 4 decades of being in business, Mondelliani is a brand with substance, not just an one hit wonder.
The orange tortoiseshell Alicudi and Filicudi models are gorgeous. The orange  is inspired by the fiery sunset on these beautiful islands, so full of history. Already these glasses have been featured in Glamour Magazine and Grazia in UK and this is just the beginning.
Last but not least, my favourite frames, the Lipari in purple. They are fabulous and with a just a hint of a cat's eye shape it gives you a diva - like look. All the Mondelliani glasses have got Carl Zeiss lens which are the best in the world.
Mondelliani is from Rome, so what best place to hold the Press Day if not in another Roman institution like Said in Soho, the best chocolate in town since 1923 in Rome? Among scrumptious cakes, creamy hot chocolate and a variety of dark chocolate samples we've met this new (for UK) brand, we've talked to Federico Mondello, the owner and creative mind behind the brand hoping to see more outlets stocking these gorgeous glasses. www.mondelliani.it

Make Up Revolution London

In this tough financial time we need to brave the world and we must do it with class. Make up is very important but sometimes it is very expensive. Also, even the more commercial brands might be out of reach for many and for teenagers with no much disposable income. here we've got Make Up Revolution London, a new brand of very affordable make up launched few days ago, made in Kent, so local and with a huge choice of products at a very small price, keeping good quality as a must.
Let's start with the foundation. Make Up Revolution London has got two types of the stuff, "The One Foundation", very light, available in 16 shades to suit Caucasian, Asian and African skin tones. Priced at £ 4.00 there is a colour for the skins of the world. The " Matte Effect Foundation" is available in 8 shades and it costs £ 2.00.
Any make up lover will adore this " 100 Eyeshadow Palette" which contains colours perfect for any kind of look, from smoky eyes, natural and disco queen. At £ 12.00 is a great gift and one that it will stay with you for a long time.
100 eyeshadow are to many for you? In this case the " Awesome Eye Shadow & Eyebrow Palette" is what you need. Priced at £ 4.00 and packaged in a sleek and flat container so that you can store it in your make up bag, it will have all the hot colours for a perfect eye make up.
This " Awesome Metal Eye Foils" really intrigue me. The set comprises of a liquid primer, the metallic foil  and a mixing tray. There are 5 shades available at £ 5.00 each and it will give you a very dramatic look using the metallic trend seen on the catwalks. Make Up Revolution London has ticked all the boxes  with this range. From the 9th of April this range of make up will be available online at Superdrug  www.superdrug.com
Lips are very important when talking about make up. Apparently during tough times there is a surge in sales of red lipstick, it is a kind of push to feel better. Make Up Revolution London has come up with quite a few ranges of lipstick. The " Amazing Lip Care #Happylips" on the left has got a coloured core surrounded by essential Argan oils. At £ 3.00 and with 5 shades to choose from it will be your best friend forever. The " Lip Power" is a duo lipstick where one side has got the satin matte lipstick and the other side a matching lip gloss. It is priced at £ 3.00 and in 6 shades. My favourite is the purple one on the front.
No look is complete if the hands are naked. A slick of nail polish makes stylish even a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. "Nail Polish" from  Make Up Revolution London is priced at £ 1.00 and there are 40 shade available. For a night out try the "Glitter Nail Polish" at £ 1.50 with a choice of 10 shades.If you don't want to wait until the 9th of April, go online at www.makeuprevolutionstore.com where you can see the whole range and renew the content of your make up bag for the price of a premium lipstick.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

T.M Lewin Spring Summer Womenswear

If you ever thought of T.M.Lewin as a menswear brand think again. The spring summer collection is fresh, modern and perfect for the professional woman who wants to go to work with something more than just a work suit.
The Paula lace knit wear is a bright shade of turquoise and it will bring vibrancy to a board room which generally has got all the 50 shades of grey worn by its occupants. The knit is priced at £ 40.00 and it is paired with a Leona skirt which cost £ 80.00. Two great staples items easy to play with and to match with anything in your wardrobe.
Very French Riviera the Iris striped jumper at £ 40.00 and the Melissa stretch trousers are beautiful priced at £ 70.00. All the separates from the T.M.Lewin collection can be easily matched together so that you've got more options to style the garments and wear them more.
The gorgeous Jill pleated top with is bright turquoise gives life to the Lia trousers with zips at the hem, which I find fantastic. The print on the Capri trousers has been called Puppy tooth because it is a micro version of the hounds tooth pattern. The top is priced at £ 50.00 while the trousers have got a price tag of £ 80.00.

This Jane bow shirt depending on the accessories or styled differently can be perfect for work or going out.  At £ 39.95 it is a great shirt, one of those garments always there for you. The Leah trousers at £ 85.00 have got the Puppy tooth pattern for a classic with a twist. Check for more at www.tmlewin.co.uk to find your nearest store and to see the rest of the collection.