Monday, 30 January 2017

Marta Jonsson Shoes

Marta Jonsson comes from Iceland and she is based in London and she's been designing shoes all of her life. Her creations have been worn by celebrities all over Europe, so it was just natural that her next step (pun intended) would have been to establish her own brand that doesn't cover only shoes but handbags and clothing. I've seen the shoes and I've really liked them, There are bright colours and metallic that are very big for the next season but also  for the current one.
Brogues are among my favourite styles of shoes. They are comfortable and great with trousers and skirts. The endless variety of colours make them very versatile. Marta Jonsson metallic brogues in silver and gold are just the perfect shoes that can jazz up a pair of jeans or to give the office dress a small twist. As well as flat you have the choice of a brogue with a 6 cm block heel.
This Mary Jane bi colour with a high block heel are gorgeous. The 10 cm heels and toe are in metallic silver leather while  the shoes are in metallic gold leather. These shoes are practically always on trend because metallic is always popping around every season, so it is an investment purchase. The style is always a winner. Make the most of this year sparkly trend in order to wear them during the day instead of confine them only for an evening out.
Start looking now for your summer sandals because when something is this good you won't find your size anymore. Marta Jonsson has designed this pair of flat sandals for the busy woman who wants to wear something glamorous but at the same time spends her whole day or standing or walking. This little beauty can be worn with dresses and trousers making it the best choice for the warm season.
After making notes for our spring and summer shoes let's get back to reality and let's look out of the window. It is cold and what we are looking at the moment is to walk with warm boots that can fend off the sudden shower. These lace up suede boots  are perfect for this kind of weather. The sole grips the pavement so you are stable and the colour is just that pop of brightness we need.  As well as Fuchsia these ankle boots are available in Navy, Red, Black  and Yellow. Check more styles and colours at 

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Burt's Bees Introduces A Lipstick That Loves You Back

Burt's Bees, the American brand famous for its bees derived products has just launched a new range of Lipsticks with 18 shades to choose from. The lipsticks are smooth on your lips, made with 100% natural ingredients like Moringa Oil, Raspberry seed oil, Mimosa Flower wax and Community sourced Beeswax. I've had a go and I can assure you that the finish is great and lips stay hydrated and moisturised for at least 8 hours. No need to touch ups.
The Nude range of the Burt's Bees Lipsticks comprises of three shades from the pale Nile Nude, going to the mid Blush Basin to the bit darker Suede Splash perfect for any complexion.
The packaging of these new range of lipsticks are made of recycled plastic and it is also recyclable.
The Pink and Coral range have five hues from the light Iced Iris, which is a lovely shade of pink, going to the Doused Rose which I find perfect for the whole year with its powder pink hue. For the bold girl Fuchsia Flood is the right one while Magenta Rush and Sunset Cruise I think are great with a olive skin complexion.
The Red range of Burt's Bees Lipsticks are four and they cover the best red shades with the lighter Scarlet Soaked and then the Crimson Coast for a darker make up and ending with the Ruby Ripple for a  gemstone effect and Russet River  for a dark red reminding of the Hollywood stars of the 1940s.
Berry and Plums are the colours of this season and next one so Burt's Bees gave a choice of six shades in the burgundy range with the pale Tulip Tide, a reddish purple Wine Wave, a mid dark Lily Lake. For darker lips almost Gothic Brimming Berry, Juniper Water and Orchid Ocean are perfect to be used together with a smokey eye.
All the lipsticks are priced at £ 9.99 and they have the  quality of all Burt's Bees products.
Check them online at and make them an essential for your make up bag.